A Strategic Financing Partner to Lawyers and Companies

Tailored Solutions to Overcome Legal
and Financial Challenges

BlueWhite Legal Capital is unique in the litigation finance world: a strategic partner to lawyers, corporate executives, and other claimants led by prominent litigation and business professionals. We are veteran problem solvers who think like the lawyers we support, and our mission is to help solve specific legal and financial challenges

Unparalleled Experience and
Sound Judgment

Our senior team has hands-on commercial litigation experience focused on helping law firm litigators and in-house counsel develop practical and cost effective solutions for funding litigation matters through the efficient use of our capital

“We are veteran problem solvers who think like the lawyers and corporate executives we support, giving us powerful insight and a unique competitive profile. Our team has top-of-the-line capabilities, capital to deploy, and a culture of excellence and integrity”

– Jules Kroll, Principal

Agility, Focus and Expertise

Agility, Focus and Expertise

We are distinguished in the litigation finance industry by our agile, highly focused approach; our specialty in commercial litigation; our unparalleled skills in asset recovery; and our committed capital that allows us to move quickly on behalf of our funded parties

Our Team

Our senior team consists of Jules Kroll, Aaron Rubinstein, Earl Doppelt, and Jack Blackburn – individuals with decades of valuable experience at the intersection of law and finance